Welcome to The GWMSC!

We've updated our web site, a change that has been overdue for some time. Excuse the stone dust as we're still adding content and features. As we do things might move around or temporarily be unavailable. Please check back often.

If you see something we're missing or would like to add some original content, please contact us!


Become a Member:

Membership Applications will be balloted upon at each meeting, and require a completed application, payment of the $20.00 Life Membership fee, and evidence of current membership in a recognized blue lodge (photocopy of current 2018 or 2019 Blue Lodge dues card, or letter from the Lodge Secretary on Lodge letterhead from a recognized Lodge).

At this time the linked Life Membership Application must be printed and mailed. Future additions to this site under consideration include an online application and payment method.


The Master of Philately Degree:

On May 19th 1947, during the fourth CIPEX (Centenary International Philatelic Exhibition) held in New York City, the Master of Philately Degree was first conferred. Originally managed by the Masonic Stamp Club of New York, currently the degree is under the control of the George Washington Masonic Stamp club (GWMSC) and is conferred once a year during our annual meeting in February.


Our Schedule:

The Club now meets once a year; In February.
At our Annual Meeting in February we confir the Master of Philately Degree on awaiting candidates.
Our Semi-Annual Meetings in September have been called off at this time.